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Duke University

Duke University alumni are a huge part of the Qualtrics team. They’re part of the future of Qualtrics, across many teams and cities. See how your fellow Duke University alums are building their careers on the Qualtrics team. 

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Under the hood: Operations Program Manager, Akshay, talks about his "why"

Working with like-minded people in an environment that promotes creative-solutioning, high-impact results, and success is a wonderful feeling that drives me to do what I do. It is an ever-changing env...

By Qualtrics Life

Seizing opportunity: Alex's career as a Technical Account Manager

I've always been someone who enjoys learning new things and putting that knowledge to use. Qualtrics has been a great opportunity to not only broaden my horizons (I never thought I'd end up in a clien...

By Qualtrics Life

Danish, Principal Customer Success Consultant, shares his why

I spent the first few years of my career trying to desperately figure out what I wanted to specialize in and be good at. But over the years, I realized that what really motivates and excites me about ...

By Qualtrics Life

Bella, Technical Account Manager: Careers that Grow

I could tell you why I chose Qualtrics but I'd rather explain why I've stayed with Qualtrics. In August of 2018, I joined because I was eager to take on a challenging role in a new city. In the two ye...

By Qualtrics Life

Category Creation: Gautham - Associate Manager, Partner Ecosystem - On Being Part of Building XM

I enjoy networking, connecting the dots, and driving impact. I’ve always enjoyed being able to quarterback two companies working together to drive market impact. Having spent the last decade in entr...

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Why Qualtrics - Suzanne Scharer - Principal Customer Success Consultant - Provo, UT

I've been given so many unique opportunities & so much support (both personally & professionally) that I live life by paying it forward. While I will always leverage my mentors, I'm at a great...

By Qualtrics Life

Why Qualtrics - Steve Harmon - Team Lead - Provo, UT

Years ago, after I had been an intern at Qualtrics for about 8 months, I interviewed to go full time. They asked me: "What is your why? What motivates you in one word?" My answer was immediate: excell...

By Qualtrics Life

"Why Qualtrics" - Samantha M., CX XM Scientist

Samantha’s own educational experience influenced her career decision to be in education, then her experiences in education led her… to Qualtrics. Samantha grew up with an opportunity to attend ...

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