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Why Qualtrics – Abraham Darais – Team Lead – Provo, UT

I love selling and I love managing people. I also am supporting a family and Qualtrics does that well. But many jobs can pay well. I'm at Qualtrics because I love working for people and products I can believe in. We have an amazing culture, amazing leadership, and amazing products. Because of the people and products I get to interact with, I feel very inspired in my job. Also, management and sales are innately rewarding to me because of the human interactions and the way I get to help people. I also love winning :)

What attracted you to Qualtrics in the first place?

I only thought to apply at Qualtrics because I heard about it from Kylan Lundeen (Head of Marketing). It was to be a temporary gig for me before getting an MBA. I fell in love with it and never left.

Tell us about the moment you knew you "had to have the job."

Again, initially, I wasn't actually excited to work at Qualtrics because I took so many steps back from my previous role. But the longer I stayed, the more I saw how special it was.

What does your day look like?

Completely insane. I am a player-coach, meaning I have my own personal quota and I also manage a team of 8 people. My days are completely packed with customer meetings, rep coaching, rep pipeline reviews, rep one on ones, prospecting calls, mining, email management, planning and the occasional walk for sanity. If I didn't love the people I work with so much and the work and the growth, I would be much less willing to work as hard as I do.

What is your favorite part of your role?

It is so varied. One benefit of player-coach is I have a great diversity of experiences. I can be pitching to executives one day for a deal in my own pipeline, and helping to coach one of my reps another day, and cheering for a deal one of my reps closed on another day. I'm getting a diverse set of amazing experiences.

Any tips for someone who is considering a role at Qualtrics?

You should only come here if you are interested in being happy, but uncomfortable. Qualtrics has so much that will bring you joy, but it also a high-growth environment. So, you will often be pushed out of your comfort zone. If you are good with that, then you should join. Leadership, culture, product, everything, it's all so good. Just make sure you are ready to be stretched. Your peers will be amazingly good, and it will be hard to keep up with them at times, but that will force you to elevate your game.

What surprised you most about working at Qualtrics?

How fast my income could grow. How much runway Qualtrics still had and has ahead of it even after being dominant. How hard it would be. How fun it would be. How talented and hard working my peers would be, making it harder than I expected to stand out, but better for my own development.

What made you want to get into Sales?

I was a branch manager in my previous job and wore many hats, and performed all branch functions. In that role, I learned I love two things: sales and management.

What are your aspirations in career/life?

I always want to lead and manage people. I also love selling. So, a sales management role is my dream. I really have no need to be anywhere other than where I am now. As I get better, I assume my skills will be needed on a greater scale, but I am happy.

What is your top #LifeHack?

Knowing that there are no life-hacks.

How have you become involved in community at Qualtrics?

Mostly development with my own team. Team trips, spikeball, basketball etc. I could certainly do more to branch out to other teams.

Qualtrics is growing, and if you're ready to find your "why" at a place like this, you can explore our open opportunities at any time by visiting our career page. Looking to discover more reasons "Why Qualtrics"? You can find the whole series here.

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Abraham is an alumnus of The Wharton Business School and started his career at Guardsmark, LLC. He's also obsessed with gardening, bringing in a Kale crop here in 2019 that is "off the chain good."


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