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How Brussels Airlines has made its social media customer service more efficient (and cheaper to run)

Airlines are no strangers to huge, external events completely disrupting their industry. And when things go wrong, people are quick to get in touch. More and more, though, customers are reaching out to an airline’s Twitter or Facebook account.

Since 2016, there’s been a 350% increase in social media queries. Brussels Airlines uses Qualtrics to get smarter about how it handles each of them - routing basic queries to chatbots and canned responses, and only getting agents to deal with the most complex issues facing customers. The result? A huge increase in the total number of people served, alongside faster resolution times and lower call centre volumes.

"In times of crisis, there’s always a risk we can be overwhelmed by queries. Qualtrics helps us focus: we can funnel people to chatbots when it makes the most sense to do so, and continually optimise our canned responses. And we can get people who need to urgently rebook to an agent who can help them quickly and efficiently"

- Claudia Tluk, Senior Manager Branding & Digital Marketing, Brussels Airlines

+ 1,500 queries a day coming into Brussels Airlines’ social team
+ ~50% of queries deflected to chatbot, saving agents’ time

How Brussels Airlines is optimising customer care

Saving time for customers and agents

With Qualtrics, Brussels Airlines don’t leave people waiting - with various conversation flows and canned responses, they can quickly work out what a customer wants and send them to the right place. Whether that’s online, a travel agency, or an agent. It not only saves customers time, it also means agents don’t need to field calls they can’t help with.

Making sure issues are fixed, quickly

With AI-powered text analysis, Brussels Airlines saw it had a high volume of refund and baggage questions. It trained the teams responsible for those areas to use Qualtrics, so they could directly answer questions and make sure customers get fast, accurate information.

Making life easier for agents

During busy times, many brands will bring in more customer service agents to meet increased demand. Brussels Airlines is no different, with 100 colleagues helping out during recent surges. With advanced routing, these people don’t have to deal with issues they can’t solve and impact on customer satisfaction, instead only getting issues they’re equipped to deal with.

Why Qualtrics?

+ All social channels, one platform | Qualtrics enables Brussels Airlines to manage, analyse and act on customer service queries coming into all of its social channels.

+ Conversational flows | It’s possible to deflect over 50% of social media queries to a chatbot using conversational flows and canned responses created and optimised within Qualtrics.

+ Advanced text analysis | The airline can make proactive changes to customer experience by analysing vast amounts of social media chat data and identifying trends and areas of improvement.

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