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My Qualtrics Experience – Brent Holmes – Account Executive – Provo

What did you choose as your Qualtrics Experience?

For my Qualtrics Experience I chose to travel to Cambodia and Thailand with three of my friends. I had visited Asia last year and was anxious to return and experience more of what that part of the world had to offer.

We started in Siem Reap (Cambodia) where we visited the famous Angkor Wat for a beautiful sunrise experience. From there we went to Chiang Mai and had the best and most memorable Thai cooking class and wrapped up with a Muay Thai fighting competition. From there we moved on to Phuket where we spent an afternoon at an Elephant Sanctuary. It was such a neat experience to get close to these enormous animals and walk with them and feed them. We also did some island hopping and snorkeling to the most beautiful beaches in the Phi Phi Islands.

One of our objectives at Qualtrics is to encourage employees to Learn, Lead, and Live. What did you learn through this experience?

I'm naturally very curious so it was great to be in a completely foreign environment and learn about the culture and history of each country we visited. Spending time and interacting with the locals was definitely a highlight. By focusing more on things I had in common rather than my differences I was able to make friends with so many people. This applied not just to the locals but other tourists from all over the world.

It was also an opportune time for me to read "A Man's Search for Meaning" which was given to me at Q-Club. Being in a 3rd world country and reading the struggles of people who were stripped down to nothing made me extremely grateful for everything I have and has encouraged me to simplify a few things in my life. More importantly, I have a much better idea of my unique purpose in life.

Such a phenomenal trip that I'll remember for the rest of my life. I'm feeling very lucky that I work for a company that not only allowed it, but encouraged and financed it.

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Brent Holmes is a Senior Account Executive in Qualtrics' Provo, Utah office. He holds a Bachelors in Political Science and Government from the University of Utah.

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