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11 ways to celebrate CX day

The CX  community celebrates global CX Day is a day of recognition of businesses that put the customer first. CX professionals and enthusiasts all over the world are coming together to share thoughts, ideas, and strategies that make meaningful impacts in customer experience. It’s also an opportunity to share these ideologies with others in your organization who may not have a holistic understanding of customer excellence.

That said, in honor of CX Day, we’ve outlined 11 super easy ways you can celebrate!

1. Define what customer experience means to you

Kickoff CX Day in your organization by defining what customer experience means to your brand. A cool way to do this would be to have each department outline what customer experience means to them and using the commonalities to determine what it means for the entire organization. You could take it one step further by having them outline how they think their department contributes to the overall customer experience. Sharing this information with the entire company can communicate that CX is everyone’s job, and will help people understand that their contributions matter.

2. Show your customers a bit of gratitude

Let your customers know that you appreciate them! It can be something as simple as giving them a gift card or a discounted product or service. If money’s tight, or you read this post a little late, you can take a more fiscally reserved route and send a simple thank you email to your customers for supporting you.

3. Dig into your data

While the momentum is strong, use CX Day as a chance to take a fresh look at the data you’ve been collecting and ask yourself a few questions. Are you measuring the appropriate metrics? Does anything stick out that you should address? Are you using the right tools?

4. Share feedback cross-functionally

Most teams take the feedback most applicable to their role and leverage it on a daily basis to stay informed. On CX Day, it might be a good idea to share that feedback with other teams and get their insights. For instance, engineers might get great advice from someone in marketing about improving UX Writing within the product to help the user accomplish goals.

5. Dive into Customer Journey Map Analytics (or start new!)

Ahhh… the good old customer journey map. Either you have one, you want one, or you’re fighting with your team as you work to craft one. Most customer journey maps are built on educated guesses and are (hopefully) used throughout the entire organization. The problem with educated guesses is that they rarely put the customer at the center of the conversation. Learn to validate your customer journey map with analytics using the right tools.

6. Acknowledge the Customer Experience Advocates at your company

Too often, those that pull it all together are left unacknowledged for their impact on CX. Yeah, it’s their job, I get it – but trust me when I say, a personal “thank you” never hurt anyone!

7. Also, acknowledge the unsung heroes of the customer experience at your company

Make a point to also acknowledge those who go above and beyond their role to craft meaningful customer experiences. This could be a customer success agent that takes initiative to make the customer happy or a social media manager that completely shifts the conversations people have with your brand online.

8. Ask for Feedback!

CX Day is a great opportunity to put out some feelers about what both customers and employees think is going well, and where there could be a bit of improvement. You might find correlations between operational issues and customer satisfaction that you may have otherwise missed. Trust us, customer listening is vital.

9. Host a CX educational event

CX is such a broad topic, that many times you’ll find that people find it a hard concept to grasp. Hosting an educational event is a great opportunity to outline what CX means to your organization, and allow CX leaders to shine. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll make a ton of like-minded connections.

10. Freshen up your skills

If you don’t want to host a CX event, take the initiative to attend a class surrounding an aspect of CX that you don’t know much about. You could learn a little about how UX Design contributes to the customer experience, or go a little more technical and garner an understanding of taxonomies.

11. Say Thank You!

You know how hard it can be to craft a meaningful customer experience. Reach out to a company that stood out to you and send them a quick note thanking them for that experience. It doesn’t matter if you were blown away by an experience online or in real life. Those notes mean a lot, and if they care about customer experience, chances are – your feedback will not go unnoticed!

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