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How Qualtrics Helps Three Local Governments Drive Better Outcomes Through Data Insights

In today's data-driven world, government agencies need quick and effective insights to make informed decisions. This puts government researchers under pressure to generate insights faster. Let's explore how three governments leveraged Qualtrics to drive better outcomes for their communities.

City of Corona, CA - Engaging the Community at Scale. Improves Resident Input Response Rate by 4X
The City of Corona, a cutting-edge City Government in California, leveraged Qualtrics to gather over 2,400 survey responses from residents to create a plan for revitalizing its downtown district. Qualtrics' omnichannel feedback tools enabled the city to collect input from residents and achieve a response rate 4X higher than average. The platform's dashboard streamlined the reporting and analysis of results, quickly highlighting the need for safety programs/improvements (84% noting highly or very important) and adding new restaurants (84% noting highly or very important). The city uses both employee and customer experience insights to capture information from residents and employees to drive change and inform the city council on resident data. The goal is to make an impact on residents by enabling systems of action through the government. Additionally, the city conducted a Parks Survey and has started developing a Resident Directory in Qualtrics to continue gathering insights and improving experiences for its residents.

County of Allegheny - Community-Driven Program Design
To address the unique challenges faced by communities of color, the County of Alleghany partnered with community leaders and providers to launch an engagement program and gather data. Using geolocated sentiment data, the county created a visual needs index and interactive story map, which resulted in the establishment of the Office of Equity & Engagement. This office collaborates with priority communities to design programs that meet their needs and has expanded requested services.

DuPage County Health Department - Meeting Public Health Goals
The DuPage County Health Department used Qualtrics to provide community partners with new ways to collect and track data to meet their public health goals. By using Qualtrics for registration, scheduling, record-keeping, reminders, and satisfaction surveys, the department continues administering vaccines and offers self-service record retrieval for vaccinated individuals. Qualtrics' high-volume clinical operation features were fully implemented in March 2021.

Qualtrics is an essential tool for any agency looking to make data-driven decisions and drive outcomes. With advanced analytics, multi-channel, secure, and equitable tools, Qualtrics for Government helps optimize the research process for faster insights, facilitates collaboration with stakeholders for a single view of data, and ensures the quality of findings.

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