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Qualtrics + BHN Rewards: Encourage study participation with automated rewards

If you want to maximize participation rates or show appreciation for customer feedback, this announcement is for you...
Introducing the Qualtrics and BHN Rewards (formerly Rybbon partnership), making Incentives Management easier than ever with XM Automated Actions.

Incentives and rewards have long been effective ways of maximizing participation in your research study and increasing engagement amongst your employees.

However, tracking and implementing these plans at scale can be costly and time-consuming, which is why we’re so pleased to announce the Qualtrics and BHN Rewards partnership - making those issues a thing of the past.

Making Incentives Management easier than ever

Used by researchers and insights professionals to provide incentives to encourage study participation, BHN Rewards’ capabilities are widely regarded in the incentives management space. BHN Rewards delivers digital rewards anywhere in the world, including US gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, DoorDash, etc.), international gift cards, Virtual Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards, and e-donations.

XM Automated Actions is a no-code workflow engine that easily integrates with your systems and tools to automate action-orientated workflows.

By combining Qualtrics XM Automated Actions with BHN Rewards' Incentive Management capabilities, you can easily offer participants the rewards they want and get the response rates you need.

You can do all of the following:

  • Reward survey respondents instantly, anywhere in the world
  • Reward members with points that can be accumulated and redeemed for rewards at a later time
  • Curate a list of rewards and let your recipients choose their preferred reward
  • Have reward emails arrive from your trusted email domain with customized branding.
  • Easily manage your program with built-in controls including approvals, reward caps, and testing
  • With reward tracking technology, 100% of unclaimed rewards are automatically refunded meaning nothing goes to waste.


Built by BHN Rewards and fully integrated into the Qualtrics open ecosystem using the Qualtrics extensions SDK, you can automatically allocate rewards or scale up your Incentives Management program. Powered by XM Automated Actions, reward respondents for their feedback and appreciate customers instantly, wherever they are in the world.

One platform, multiple use cases

Whether you’re a CX professional, academic researcher, brand owner, or trying to increase the satisfaction of your employees, Incentives Management can help you meet your organization’s business goals, whilst saving you time and money.

  • Trying to improve satisfaction through customer feedback?
    Show your customers some appreciation for completing your survey with automatic rewards, and watch responses rise
  • Want to boost engagement and reward your employees?
    Automatically reward internal and external communities, with points they can accumulate and redeem at a later point in time
  • Looking to increase research response rates?
    Automatically send and track digital gifts to boost research response rates and conversions, whatever channels you’re using including web, social media, SMS and many more,

Get started with BHN Rewards + Qualtrics

BHN Rewards' Incentives Management capabilities, combined with Qualtrics’ XM Automated Actions engine means you can reward respondents, customers and employees with exciting eGift cards, Visa / Mastercard or e-donations, and increase responses and conversions anywhere in the world.

Instant delivery creates excitement and is 100% trackable, meaning not only will you generate gratitude and engagement, but unique opportunities for follow-up too.

By integrating with the Qualtrics platform, BHN Rewards is able to obtain the respondent’s email from the Qualtrics contact record, a survey question, or an embedded field. With a 2-way data sync, it brings Qualtrics data into BHN Rewards custom fields to improve tracking and personalization of rewards. BHN Rewards then automatically syncs the reward status data back to Qualtrics so you can track everything in one platform.

Step 1: Install the "Rybbon Rewards" integration

1 - Install Rybbon App

Step 2: Add a task to your survey

2 - Add Rybbon Action

Step 3: Select "Rybbon Rewards"

3 - Add Rybbon Task

Step 4: Set the number of points to be awarded

4 - Rybbon Configuration

Get started with XM Automated Actions + BHN Rewards now

This particular extension was built by BHN Rewards (formerly Rybbon) on Qualtrics using the Qualtrics Extensions SDK. Dozens of other partners are building their own Qualtrics Automated Action extensions to drive usage of their own services. Qualtrics now offers dozens of extensions and the new category of Incentive Management joins other categories like CRM integration, workplace collaboration integration, ticketing, marketing automation and more.

Harry Gough // Content Strategist

With an English Literature degree from Loughborough University under his belt, Harry’s career has been all things content related ever since. He now spends his time helping Qualtrics tell the Experience Management story, showing the value that it brings to brands and most importantly, their customers.

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