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6 customer signals that every product manager should listen to

Too often, Product Managers develop products and hope they will resonate with customers. Here are six signals that you can find within your customer feedback that can help product teams develop the products and solutions your customers are really looking for.

1. Consumers are comparing your products to those of competitors

  • Do your customers like your features as well or better than your competitors’?
  • Do your features work the way they are supposed to? Are they easy to use?
  • What are customers saying about price/availability/reliability?

2.  Sales numbers are spiking or falling rapidly

  • Do changes in sales volume correlate to changes in social conversations?
  • Are complaints or praises suddenly spiking as well?
  • What features are being talked about the most?

3.  New campaigns are getting a reaction

  •  Is the online chatter positive or negative?
  • Have sales numbers changed since the campaign has launched?
  • Are you emphasizing a new or changed use case? Should you modify the product to support this change?
  • Are you initiating customer-centric campaigns?

4.  Quality issues have people talking

  • Is there a specific issue that has suddenly become a hot topic?
  • Is chatter about the problem going viral? Is it impacting sales?
  • What is causing the quality issue? Can you find the root cause?

5.  Social influencers are talking about you

  • Are they talking positively or negatively?
  • Is there a way to close the loop with these influencers to improve their perception of you?

6.  Your customer satisfaction scores are changing

  • Are your ratings going up or down?
  •  Are the changes associated with a brand or product change?
  • What do your customers find lacking in your product that you can address in the future?
  • Are you using qualitative feedback to determine the satisfaction of your customers?

These signals can not only enhance the customer journey mapping for developing products your customers want but also point you in the right direction – both for fixing current issues and for creating your roadmap for future product management/development.

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