IVR Technology Group

With IVR Technology Group’s automated in / outbound survey tools, you can collect input to a Qualtrics survey via the telephone. Simple, convenient and fully integrated with Qualtrics – add telephone capture capability to your surveys!

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Fully integrated telephone capabilities

IVR Technology Group provides seamless telephone interaction and collection of survey input capability to your Qualtrics surveys:

North America or Worldwide Telephone Connectivity

Set up an in-country / state transfer number, a toll free number or a SIP connection.

Collect and Post Survey Data in Near Real Time

The IVR Survey mirrors the Qualtrics survey – data is posted in near real time directly to the Qualtrics hosted survey so you can take advantage of Qualtrics’ robust analytic tool set / dashboard.

Convert Voice Recordings Into Text

Using our secured programs, convert your recordings or open ended responses into text to take advantage of the Qualtrics Intelligent Text analytic tools.

Company Spokesperson or an IVR Tech Voice Talent

Voice recordings can be put together using a company spokesperson or take advantage of our professional voice talent – either way, your survey’s will be delivered in a human voice supporting a great customer experience.

Add-On Options

Speech to Text (STT), automated conversion of open ended responses, human transcription, email low score alerts, volume tracking and more are available through the IVR Tech / Qualtrics survey program.

Real Time Providing the Best in Customer Experience

Using IVR to pick up survey input immediately after a customer contact, posting into a summary Qualtrics dashboard, providing tools to alert for variations to norm… provides usable tools to help improve your customer interaction, in near real time.

Full Suite of Automated Services

Survey support, call routing, call tracking, information line, alert notifications, PCI payment processing, hosted contact center tools, self-service IVR, text enabling… if you can do it by telephone, IVR Technology Group can!

Key Features & Benefits

  • We make it easy to “IVR” your surveys
  • Seamless integration to the Qualtrics survey platform
  • Convert voice to text
  • Professional services, advice, best practice reviews are always provided
  • Leverage the customer interaction through automated IVR survey processing – inbound or outbound