Qualtrics Video Insights empowers market research and customer experience professionals to harness the power of video and get closer to the customer. Put the customer at the heart of decision making by unlocking rich video-based data and insights and learn what really matters to those who matter most to your business.

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Learn what Qualtrics Video Insights can do

The powerful solution combines quantitative data from the Qualtrics survey platform with data extracted from consumer video responses, captured as a more engaging alternative to open-ended text based questions. Qualtrics Video Insights enriches market research and customer experience programmes by matching the ‘what’ from quantitative data to the ‘why’ from qualitative video data providing a holistic view into your audiences. The powerful solution extracts video based speech and converts it into text, enabling you to search and analyse video responses in moments and create stories to drive action.

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Get closer to customers

Provide a super-easy, one click way for customers to express what is really important to them and afford your organisation an unfiltered view of their feedback, which you can view right from your desktop.

Understand emotion

See and hear customer sentiment, tone and emotions to deeper understand behaviours.

Richer data

Access a much richer data set through the combination of survey response data and customer profiling information with video.

Global reach

Whatever language, wherever in the world, understand your global customer base no matter your language capabilities. The powerful solution enables you to search in any language and translate into any language in moments.

Deliver at speed

The powerful video visualisation and mining platform enables you to search inside video, and analyse video content quickly and easily and create greater efficiencies when delivering results.

Share to drive action

Create video stories in moments and share across your business, engaging stakeholders, driving faster and smarter decisions.

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