WinCati Call Center Manager

For your Qualtrics surveys, some respondents may prefer to be reached by phone, while others may prefer to do part of the survey by phone and part online. WinCati-Qualtrics integration allows your survey to be administered in either mode while data is saved in a single record for each respondent.This integration enables you to achieve more completes by reaching your demographic and quotas through phone, web and phone/web (mixed mode) interviews. Respondents can be reached in the mode they consider most convenient.

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What can the WinCati Call Center Manager do for you?

  • Seamlessly link to Qualtrics survey from the WinCati Interviewer Application while all attempt and callback information is recorded in WinCati’s database.
  • Move information back and forth between WinCati’s sample database fields and Qualtrics. For example, WinCati sample database information can be used to personalize Qualtrics survey text, making the survey more engaging and increasing the completion rate.
  • Run a wide range of WinCati Call Management reports that lets you monitor the status of your surveys, make real-time adjustments that will increase your productivity, and provide up-to-the-minute information survey sponsors request.
  • Conduct phone, web, and phone/web Mixed Mode interviewing.
  • Access your Qualtrics Data through the Supervisor application.
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Key Benefits & Features

Automated sample and call management:

  • WinCati enables Auto-dialing, Rapid-dialing, Proactive-dialing and Predictive-dialing.
  • WinCati has a built-in SIP control for your SIP-VoIP and has a built-in Softphone that would register directly with your SIP Server.
  • WinCati is also TAPI compatible and would as a result interface with any other phone system using TAPI clients.

Outbound and inbound calling:

  • WinCati Sample Manager pushes sample records to the Interviewers queue for dialing.
  • Interviewers are also able to manually retrieve sample records in the event that a respondent decides to dial-in (in-bound calls).

On screen call agent monitoring:

  • WinCati Supervisor can initiate screen monitoring for any logged on interviewer with a single click on the logon status screen. This is stealth monitoring and is completely transparent to the interviewers.

Integrated email survey invitation system:

  • WinCati has a built-in email module that can easily be formatted to suit your business.
  • Email messages can be sent automatically or manually and up to six different email messages can be configured for each study.
  • Email release can easily be metered and email messages can be set for specific sample record status.

Call disposition and agent productivity monitoring:

  • Various WinCati reports can be run at any time to get an overall status of any particular study. Reports can be run for a single study or for multiple studies.

Voice recording/sound playing:

  • Interviewers can start or stop sound recording (voice capture) with a single click on a keyboard function key. Recorded interviews can be saved as .wav or as compressed mp3 format.
  • Recorded interviews can be played back from the supervisor application.
  • Interviewer can cause a pre-recorded sound to be played back to a respondent over the phone by pressing a single function key.
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