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Customer Experience

Drive fast business impact with in-moment, in-context digital engagement

In today’s economic times, with budget cuts and less headcount, brands are facing an increasing pressure to grow their business. The question digital leaders are asking themselves is: How to drive more impact with less?

Success lies in creating a cohesive customer journey across channels, while staying innovative and upleveling organizational structure and processes. Without the right approach and tools to support, there’s no doubt that right now it’s a tall order.

Focus on the human

With all of the moving parts, it becomes imperative to put the human using your product and services at the center of all of your decisions. People want to be heard and are happy and willing to share their feedback - if it makes sense in the context of their experience.

In fact, we see response rates ranging as high as 15%-25% when giving feedback directly embedded within the digital experience across web, mobile and apps.

The Qualtrics digital capabilities empower brands to remove the guesswork by directly listening to customers in the context of their digital experience.

We've implemented always-on programs that work across our network of sites to keep abreast of customer preferences, expectations and profiles”, says Nine's Head of Audience Insights Melanie Ingrey driving content engagement and supporting growth initiatives focused on our most valued customer segments.”

Real-time digital connections

In this example, Treadmade detects the user has scrolled for quite some time. The user is then prompted with questions that gauge their interest in several different product offerings.


The user is then routed to the product page that they’ve indicated interest in. Not only can brands use this capability to cater experiences by redirecting the user, they can also use this rich information to:

  • Drive awareness and purchase intent by knowing exactly what the customers are interested in
  • Reduce the cost to serve. Let’s say an error is detected with a user trying to log into their account, you can quickly ask what their challenge is and and route them to the appropriate support page.

Reach out in-moment, in-context

In the below example, treadmade is asking about preferred payment options following a complete payment. This is a very pointed question at a specific part of the journey.

Not only can you use this to ask a specific question directly to help with they payments roadmap, but brands can use this to:

  • Upsell and surface products by understanding customer interest in adjacent products post-purchase
  • Make sure customers stay engaged in the way they want, for example by updating communication preferences on brands’ “contact us page”

Prioritizing and gaining meaningful insight from data

We know that digital teams are sitting on a plethora of data. Getting enough data is not hard, but understanding it is.

The Qualtrics XM Platform was designed to do just that. By listening to customers at scale and analyzing the nuances of open text, we can identify trends at the click of a button, without you having to manually comb through comments and interpret the themes yourself. That way you can get to the important bit, which is acting on the insights you’ve found.

All the data, including preferences, sentiment, open text, and transaction data is captured in Experience ID, creating unique profiles for each individual customer, giving organizations a 360 degree view of all experience touchpoints and every customer journey. This enables brands to take action and deliver the right experience at the right time.

Drive action and business impact

So as we mentioned above, this is a hugely important part of the process. Data is only as good as what you do with it. So making action as easy as possible.

Our platform empowers brands to optimize the experience with an exact person in mind. Whether that’s personalizing experience in real time or using the information to streamline the onboarding or checkout process, by directly listening to what customers think of their digital experience, you remove the guesswork. This gives you confidence that the steps you take will benefit your customers, and support the growth of the business. And at a time where maximizing value is the name of the game, that’s a powerful combination.

Create personalized digital experiences that pay off