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7 reasons Disney Streaming is an XM leader

The Walt Disney Company has long been the gold standard when it comes to experiences. And with their streaming service, they’ve infused “Disney magic” with next-level home-entertainment experiences.

Streaming is an ever-changing, fast-moving industry that has completely changed the way people consume media. With competition growing steadily every year, streaming services are fighting a daily war for market share and revenue.

Achieving the level of success Disney Streaming has requires constantly listening to what consumers are saying they like – and don’t like – and fulfilling their needs in a way that’s both seamless and differentiated from rival platforms.

Here are 7 reasons how Breakthrough Artist Disney Streaming stands out amongst competitors:

1. Always striving to truly understand their audiences

The team at Disney Streaming are always looking to understand their audiences’ needs and pain points. E.g. Before launching their latest streaming bundles, they look to get a complete picture of their audiences’ needs and wants.

They ask themselves:

  • What content do we prioritize for investment?
  • Which content speaks to different audiences?
  • What are the optimal pricing and bundle packages to attract subscribers?

They then use this research to carefully curate packages for the customers.

2. Listening and acting on feedback

The team is continually listening and acting on the feedback they get from customers to make sure they’re elevating the Disney Streaming experience.

This isn’t limited to asking for feedback on only the content that they offer, but the ways customers interact with the service, including the interface, intuitive navigation, and personalized recommendations. And they don’t just pay lip service to the idea, they genuinely listen to what customers are telling them they want less.

3. Personalization and recommendations

Speaking of personalization, Disney Streaming uses Qualtrics™ XiD to build rich experience profiles for every customer. Plus, bespoke content recommendations based on customers' preferences, viewing history, and behavior. This ensures relevant and engaging content is easily discoverable.

4. Seamless access and availability

Customers expect the ability to access their favorite content anytime, anywhere, and on multiple devices. Disney Streaming services provide seamless access across various platforms, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and web browsers, to enhance convenience and accessibility.

5. A best-in-class frontline

Prompt and effective customer support is essential for addressing any issues, technical difficulties, or inquiries that customers may have.

They offer multiple channels of support, such as live chat, email, or phone, and ensuring a quick resolution to customer problems helps create a positive experience and build trust.

6. Magical content

Offering unique features and interactive elements, such as behind-the-scenes footage, bonus content, interactive games, or watch parties, can enhance customer engagement and provide added value to the streaming experience.

7. Continuous improvement

Disney Streaming services actively gathers customer feedback, conducts surveys, and monitors social media to understand customer preferences, pain points, and expectations.

This feedback is then used to make ongoing improvements to the service, addressing any shortcomings and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Disney Streaming services create a seamless, personalized, and engaging customer experience that sets them apart and brings a little bit of fairy dust into their subscribers’ homes.

Find out how Disney delivers top customer experiences

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