Only one team wins the championship, but year after year fans buy season tickets to experience the energy of the stadium, the thrill of a close game and the camaraderie of being part of a passionate fan base. Win or lose, creating the best experience for your fans is what will keep them coming back.


Understanding and improving the game day experience is crucial to your organization’s success, so we’ve identified 5 game-changing ways to connect with your fans:


  1. Feedback Stations. Collecting feedback while your fans aren’t focused on watching the game is a great way to get fast responses and high-quality data. Try installing an iPad stand for fans to give feedback while they’re waiting in line for the drinking fountain, purchasing concessions or heading back to their seat.



  1. Vanity Survey URL. A vanity URL is an easy-to-remember shortlink that takes fans directly to your survey (e.g. These URLs can be placed anywhere – jumbotrons, posters, fliers or programs.



  1. Text Messaging. Texting has become one of the most pervasive forms of communication. In fact, 90 percent of text messages are opened and read within 10 minutes. Getting your survey onto your fans’ cell phones will help significantly increase response rates and increase engagement – just be sure to keep it brief. 




  1. App. Most affiliate sports organizations have an app for their fans loaded with live interactive game stats, player profiles, event schedules, and other customizable features. Capturing feedback via your app when your fans are already engaged can be the most effective way to capture the data you need to take your game day to the next level.



  1. Email. Sending surveys straight to a fan’s inbox is one of the easiest, and most effective ways to collect data. It is also the most preferred method because fans can respond at their leisure. Email-based feedback allows you to personalize messaging and visual branding, and allows you to send longer surveys.



Experiment with different methods of data collection; most sports teams use several. To learn more about how to tune into what your fans are saying, check out our webinar “Qualtrics Gameday Feedback: How BYU Football Used Gameday Feedback to Improve Fan Experience.” You’ll learn even more keys for collecting feedback that will keep your fans coming back – even when you don’t win the championship game.


Qualtrics Gameday Feedback: How BYU Football Used Gameday Feedback to Improve Fan Experience

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