All market researchers have made mistakes, and in this next Qualtrics Master Session, we’ve brought in Michael Murakami Ph.D., part of Airbnb’s team of 60 experience management researchers. Airbnb has 4 million homes listed on its site in more than 191 countries. Needless to say, they run a lot of surveys. Murakami shares his top nine survey mistakes so that other researchers can avoid doing the same thing. Here are a few things you’ll learn:

Mistake #1: Making surveys too long

Most people don’t have time to take a 30-minute survey, and the one who do represent a unique subset of customers. (They’re strange.) Long questionnaires will skew your findings if you view them as hard data.

Mistake #2: Double-barreling questions

Double-barreling questions occurs when you ask two questions but only allow for one answer. These questions confuse the respondent and it makes your results uncertain. Watch for lookouts like the word “and”, long questions with lots of clauses, and agree-disagree clauses since statements are easier to double-barrel than questions.

Mistake #3: Prioritizing NPS above other survey metrics

While NPS is an effective survey metric to measure customer loyalty, it doesn’t give you a full picture and leaves out important metrics like customer satisfaction and customer effort. NPS must be used in tandem with other metrics.

Murakami shares more details on these mistakes and six more. If you want to learn how to how to avoid making these mistakes, register for the Qualtrics Master Session: 9 Survey Mistakes That I’ve Made in My Career today.


Michael H Murakami is a Research Manager at Airbnb in California. Dr. Murakami received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley