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Indonesia // 2021

Qualtrics employee experience trends

After a year of seismic change, what lies ahead for employee experience in Indonesia in 2021? Qualtrics spoke with more than 480 employees to find out what’s changed in employee experience, uncover the new drivers of employee engagement, and identify the new ways of working having the biggest positive impact.

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to stay

As businesses and governments look forward to 2021 we expect to see these engagement drivers change as restrictions continue to change. To ensure teams are provided with the support and services they need in fast changing situations it is critical leaders are able to understand how emerging trends are reshaping the workplace, and what they can do to design and improve employee experience.

Lauren Huntington, EX Solutions Strategy, Qualtrics Southeast Asia, Qualtrics

Top drivers of
employee engagement

  1. I feel a sense of purpose from my work

  2. This company continually improves the way work gets done

  3. There is open and honest communication at this company

  4. I have good opportunities to learn and develop at this company

  5. I am proud of this company’s efforts to have a positive impact on the world


Well-being and

Well-being score
by job role

What impacts
employee well-being?

Our study found the 5 key factors that impact our well-being at work are:

  1. I feel as if I belong at this company

  2. I can be myself at work

  3. I feel like a valued member of my team

  4. I feel I belong on my team

  5. I’m treated with respect

The feedback action gap

Why acting on feedback matters

All organisations are different, and all the people within them have different needs. There is no-one-size-fits-all solution for fostering belonging in the workplace. What’s important is to listen to what your individual people need – and most importantly, action that feedback to meet those needs.

Jay Choi, EVP and GM of EmployeeXM, Qualtrics

Improving experience management
in your organisation


Employee well-being

In 2020 employee well-being rose to become a core metric of our engagement model and is a major area organisations can focus on as they continue to face disruption in 2021.


Taking action on feedback

Asking for feedback is just the start — not taking action on it is worse for engagement than not asking for it in the first place. Closing that gap should be a priority in 2021.


Manager effectiveness

Managers play a huge role in helping with engagement, well-being, belonging, resilience – in fact almost every key driver we’ve looked at. In 2021, make sure your managers have the support they need to improve the experience for their teams.

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