Marketing and Brand Research

Marketing Research reveals information about a market, product or service and it's respective customers and prospects.

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Our constantly connected world has empowered the consumer in new and complex ways. Today’s business leaders face an endless stream of decisions around target markets, pricing, promotion, distribution channels, and product features and benefits. For each unique decision that must account for a variety of factors, there are market research studies and methodologies strategically designed to capture meaningful data to inform these decisions. The explanations below provide an overview of the different types of decisions insight-driven businesses face and why market research matters.

Concept testing

Concept Testing is often employed to better understand products or services, and to inform effective product or service positioning. As you look to launch a product or invest in the development of an idea, these methods are valuable steps to identify perceptions, wants, and needs associated with a product, service or brand Learn more

Market readiness research

Market readiness research ensures that the offerings of a company or organisation are ready for launch into the marketplace. It can provide answers to key questions like, “Do we still have relevance in the market?” or “Does our product or service still have the same value it had when we did our Concept Test?” Learn more

Brand equity research

Brand research helps businesses understand the commercial value, or equity, that is derived from consumers’ perceptions of the brand so they can make better decisions to improve. Learn more

Advertising research

Effectively promoting a product, service, or brand is a key component of any business strategy. Advertising research enables decision makers to choose an appropriate advertising approach, select proper media placement that will engage, and develop a compelling communications plan. Learn more