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Digital will lead the way in the new world of CX

For many brands the path to recovery in the current downturn lies in the strength of their digital experience. It is the only viable go-to-market strategy, and the rapid shift in consumer behaviour caused by COVID-19 has highlighted the urgent need for brands to improve the customer journey in this space and grow their digital footprint. The benefits of doing so will be quickly realised today and in the future - because even though restrictions will end at some point, their impact on behaviours will be long lasting.

Find out how to build a strong competitive advantage in this Qualtrics webinar exploring how to rapidly and effectively adapt your CX for a digital world. Drawing upon real-life examples of brands that are successfully navigating the downturn with digital and insights from our team of CX experts you'll discover how to:

  • Meet customers where they are with a range of digital options that drive engagement
  • Understand changing customer behaviours and preferences in real-time, and how to rapidly act on these to improve the experience
  • Track and integrate your CX across different channels
  • Optimise e-commerce capabilities by improving the experience

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Picture of Adam Marks

Adam Marks

Principal Consultant, Customer Experience at Qualtrics

Adam is a Principal Consultant of Customer Experience at Qualtrics. Prior to joining Qualtrics, Adam spent 3 years working in industry for Westfield Shopping Centres and 3 years at Ernst & Young as a Manager in the Advisory, Customer and Strategy Practice.

Adam has an extensive understanding of customer experience (CX), leading a series of engagements and teams in CX strategy, program optimisation, user experience and customer experience design. In particular, Adam enjoys advising clients on how to identify and overlay best practice to reduce pain-points and design the desired future state path to purchase. Using a variety of methods, Adam can assist enabling improvements grounded in customer insights through customer journey maps, customer personas, conducting design thinking workshops, undertaking customer testing and identifying moments of truth.

Picture of Gabriel Wong

Gabriel Wong

Senior Principal Sales Engineer, Qualtrics Greater China

Throughout the past 15 years, Gabriel has helped his blue-chip clients elevate their customer experience programs to drive competitive advantage across the globe. With expertise both as a client-side practitioner and as a technology consultant, he appreciates the customer experience challenges within today's business environment. In his current role as Senior Principle Sales Engineer at Qualtrics, his primary mission is to help customers find winning and transform Experience Management solutions in the Greater China regions.

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