The Global State of XM

To understand the state of Experience Management (XM) around the world, the XM Institute surveyed 1,221 executives from six different countries. In addition to exploring regional differences, we also explored variations between companies based on their XM performance – analysing the difference between companies with strong XM capabilities and those with weaker XM capabilities.

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Some of the findings include:

  • Canadian executives are most likely to consider improving XM a top organizational priority, while German executives are least likely.
  • The experience areas executives are most concerned with improving differs from country to country.
  • Respondents from Germany and the U.S. are most focused on customer experience (CX)
  • Respondents from Australia and Canada are most focused employee experience (EX)
  • Respondents from Japan are most focused on product experience (PX)
  • Respondents from the UK are equally focused on EX and brand experience (BX)

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