Data Analysis

DataTables, AngularJS, and Django

Qualtrics production system is comprised of many micro-services. Visualizing the network connections among them can be a daunting task, so I decided to write an internal tool to help myself with it. W...

By Steve Jang

Teaching Machines to Read Emails: Feature Selection

In my previous post, I laid out the design for the ticket topic prediction model used at Qualtrics. This system sorts incoming support emails into different topics which are then used to route emails ...

By Zach McDonnell

Writing Emails with Machine Learning

  Although I am currently a software engineer, I started at Qualtrics helping clients as a support representative. After a year of answering hundreds of phone calls and writing thousands of em...

By Zach McDonnell

Tuning AngularJS for Performance

Introduction Qualtrics adopted the use of AngularJS in 2014 when we started building out our Vocalize product. Our goal was to select a framework that would allow us to prototype quickly while buildi...

By Owen Hancock

Designing a Scalable Data Platform

Qualtrics is growing rapidly both in terms of our number of clients and their volume of data. With more data we can provide more powerful insights, but we face technical challenges because of the shee...

By Peter Brown-Hayes

Characterizing your system’s behavior using design of experiments

Have you ever run into a situation where you need to predict or control an output, but don’t know where to set your system’s knobs appropriately? And you need to know how to set them before launch...

By Jeffrey Starr

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