Design a World-Class Brand Tracking Study

Today’s consumers think about brands differently. Learn how to design a brand tracking study that helps you increase consumer loyalty.

What you will learn from this Webinar

  • How modern consumers think about brands – The world is changing, with an explosion of choice. It’s essential to understand how your customers interact with your brand and with competitors’ brands. Learn about awareness, salience, consideration set, and customer effort.
  • The purpose of a brand tracking study – Helping you understand your opportunities and vulnerabilities; perception and positioning; and marketing investments.
  • How to design your first internal brand tracking study – Learn which question types to use and how to structure your brand tracker to help you get consumers all the way from awareness to purchase and loyalty.

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Picture of Franck Sarrazit, PhD

Franck Sarrazit, PhD

Principal Consultant, Qualtrics

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