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How the healthcare industry can embrace a new, better normal

The healthcare industry has been stretched to a point we’ve never seen before. The costs of COVID-19 hospitalizations increased staff safety measures, canceled or postponed procedures, and additional support for staff have added to an unprecedented operational and financial burden.

Now, as the industry looks to encourage patients to reschedule postponed care, and encourage staff to power through, there is an opportunity to re-invent.

In this eBook, Patty Riskind, Head of Global Healthcare, and Susan Haufe, Chief Healthcare Advisor at Qualtrics, explore the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for healthcare organizations and set out a 3-phased approach to understanding patient needs and taking action as they return to care.

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The Return to Care ebook includes:

  • Insights from the latest healthcare industry research.
  • A 3-phase approach to understanding and acting on patient feedback.
  • Suggestions to make make the ‘new normal’ a better normal.

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