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Applying DE&I principles
to your employee
experience program

August 18, 2021 / 4:00pm CT / 5:00 pm ET

We heard from 12,000 employees around the world as part of our annual Employee Experience Trends report and one thing is clear: people want to feel a sense of belonging at work. In our study, "desire to belong" overtook "career growth" and "trust in leadership" as the most important driver of employee engagement. But how can you act on this important finding?

Join us virtually for an exclusive wine tasting event and lively discussion on DE&I and its impact on the employee experience. Hosted by Somya Mathur, Principal Consultant, Employee Experience at Qualtrics, we'll explore her experiences helping organizations understand inclusion feedback from their employees and using it to design the experiences employees expect when it comes to DE&I to foster a culture of belonging in 2021 and beyond.

Bring your experiences, questions, and best practices to this roundtable. You'll be joined by other HR leaders and professionals in your region for a conversation on the intersection between DE&I and end-to-end employee experience.


4:00pm CT – Welcome remarks and wine tasting experience
We will kick off with a brief overview of some of the most famous California wines while enjoying
our selected tastings.

4:25pm CT – Applying DE&I principles to your Employee Experience program discussion and Q&A
We will dive into the art of designing an end-to-end Employee Experience program with DE&I principles
in mind and discuss what various organizations and HR leaders are doing to improve experiences for its employees.

Event is full. If you're interested in attending, please follow up with your Qualtrics account team.


Picture of Somya Mathur

Somya Mathur

Principal Consultant, Employee Experience

Somya Mathur is an I/O psychologist with about 15 years of experience in the field of human capital consulting. She’s worked in Europe, Asia, and North America as an expert in employee engagement, DEI, change management, and leadership development in companies like Deloitte, Aon, and IBM. She has a masters degree in organizational psychology from the London School of Economics, and considers herself a lifelong student of human behavior.

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