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XM Advocates FAQ

Why is Qualtrics launching XM Advocates?

We want to reward our best customers for the advocacy they are already doing on behalf of Qualtrics. From speaking with peers, to sharing advice on webinars, or recording videos about their breakthrough moments, we want to grow XM with Qualtrics customers at the forefront. XM Advocates is our way to create a community around advocacy and recognize each member for everything they are doing.

How do I earn rewards?

As long as you remain a member of the program and an active advocate, then you will automatically earn reward points every time we direct a request to you and you speak with the peer. These reward points can be used in our Rewards Store and will help you extend your relationship with Qualtrics.

Can I control how often I speak to peers?

Yes. When you become an XM Advocate we will ask you how often you wish to be contacted. We will also follow-up with you on regular intervals, and you can adjust your settings any time. If you wish to immediately change your preferences, email us at

How are points earned in Q Pay?

As a XM Advocate, you earn reward points every time we direct a peer to speak with you or you produce marketing content with us. If we ask you to participate, most likely you will automatically receive the reward in your account. If a Qualtrics representative asks you to be a reference or to help with a marketing initiative, be sure to ask them about earning reward points. If you ever feel something was missed, let us know at and we will be happy to assist.

Do points belong to my organization or me?

They belong to your organization. That way if you leave the program, the rewards stay and can be redeemed by the new contact at your organization.

How can I see how many reward points I have earned?

When you became an XM Advocate, you receive a link to check your account balance. If you have misplaced this link, email us at and we will assist.

How do I redeem my rewards with Q Pay?

Simply email and let us know which option in the Reward Store you would like to redeem your points against. We will then guide you through the process.

When I became a XM Advocate, I started receiving surveys from Qualtrics. Why?

We want your experience as an XM Advocate to be great. One way we do this is by matching you with peers like you. In order to do this, we need to understand which Qualtrics solutions you are using, how you are using them, and how you want to be contacted. We ask you to complete them as a condition of being an advocate for Qualtrics.

How do I participate with Qualtrics in creating marketing content?

If you are interested in creating marketing content with Qualtrics such as a video or case study, contact us at

How do I stop being an advocate for Qualtrics?

Membership in the XM Advocates program is voluntary and can be stopped at anytime. Please let us know if we need to adjust how often you are being contacted or if there is anything else we can do to resolve your issue. Otherwise, simply contact us at


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