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Crush the Curve: COVID-19 Tracking, Scheduling & Testing Solution

As COVID-19 accelerates across the United States and much of the world, governments at every level are laser-focused on saving lives and ensuring healthcare systems do not become overwhelmed as the pandemic peaks in certain areas. As testing—both for the virus itself and for antibodies—continues to become more readily available, states are beginning to grapple with how to build a simple, scalable testing process that will support critical care in the short-term and enable robust tracking and virus management in the medium and long-term. The central issues around scaling testing capacity remain:

  • Acquiring sufficient numbers of COVID-19 tests
  • Prioritizing who to test
  • Tracking and tracing future outbreaks and spread of the virus
  • Performing daily check-ins at scale with symptomatic, untested individuals

Qualtrics, an SAP company and the leading experience management company in the world, partnered with both Utah and Iowa to launch statewide assessments to respond to these and other concerns via and We have brought a disruptive, open platform approach to this challenge and bringing together state leaders, local innovators, and healthcare providers / the pharma industry to “hack” the process and bring simplicity to a complex problem that stretches across industries, all within a matter of days.

Within 72 hours of launching, more than 160,000 people in the state took the online assessment, which helped prioritize who to test, guided people to local testing centers, facilitated the scheduling of testing appointments, allowed the state to better track the spread of the virus and associated data, and performed check ins with thousands of individuals daily via the Daily Symptom Pulse. The Qualtrics XM Platform is GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, and FedRamp compliant technology, maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy protection available.

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In this content you’ll learn:

  • There are two phases for states to consider, 1) Online risk assessment and COVID-19 case tracker and 2) COVID-19 Case Tracker with Scheduling & Testing Solution
  • Key components for each phase and stakeholder requirements

Additionally, you can go to to learn about free solutions for
managing through COVID-19.

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