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Powerful research tools to bring insights to life

Unlock breakthrough insights, get closer to your audience,
and tell the stories behind their experiences. Check out our
latest release that brings qualitative research and smarter
audience management together.

DesignXM Video Feedback Dashboard

Video Feedback

Data points, meet human storytelling

Powerful new tools that enable your audience to tell their stories straight from their desktop or mobile device.

  • Powerful insights from human stories: automatically transcribe, then analyze video responses with Text iQ to uncover trends, topic, sentiment, and more
  • Engage your stakeholders with data storytelling: filter, select videos, and clip them in the built-in video editor, and then share a highlights reel with your stakeholders
  • Give respondents complete control: if they’re not happy with their video, they can start again, ensuring you maintain data quality

Audience Management

Know your market better than anyone else

Enhance your data by building panels that get smarter over time.

  • Reduce the cost of research: build your own on-demand sample of respondents to complement your 3rd-party sample
  • Recruit through any channel: Pre-built intercepts connect to your panel invite and use targeting logic to reach out to the right audience, automatically, on any channel
  • Build rich, dynamic customer and prospect profiles: Respondent profiles automatically update with every interaction, enabling you see every experience they’ve had over time using Experience iD (XiD)
Download our guide to panels
Design XM Audience management dashboard
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Powerful tools with proven ROI

Increase speed to insights

Understand changing market dynamics and consumer behavior. Have control of your data and market research tools in a single system to execute research projects seamlessly.

Reduce outsourced resource spend

Bring more research in-house and leverage
technology to complete research initiatives.
Identify promising product concepts early
and optimize R&D spend.

Improve market research quality

Target an engaged and intelligently segmented pool of respondents for accurate insights. Utilize Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence technologies to mine structured and unstructured data.

Start designing your breakthrough experiences