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Pie Chart Widget (CX)

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About Pie Chart Widgets

The Pie Chart Widget displays data as sections of a circular graph. The size of each section is determined by value of the metric (Count, Average, etc.) for the data value that the section represents.
Pie Chart widget

Field Type Compatibility

The Pie Chart Widget is compatible with the following field types:

  • Number Set
  • Date
  • Text Set
  • Multi-Answer Text Set
  • Drill Down
  • Field Group

Only fields with the above types will be available when selecting the Dimension field for the Pie Chart.

Widget Customization

Display Options

The Pie Chart Widget can be displayed as either a filled circle or as a donut with the center part empty. To switch from a full circle to donut, select the checkbox next to Donut under Display Options.
Donut checkbox in Display Options in editing pane