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ServiceNow Events

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About ServiceNow Events

The ServiceNow Event allows you to begin workflows in Qualtrics based on when a record is updated or inserted in ServiceNow. For example, an IT ticket is closed which updates a record in ServiceNow, beginning a workflow in Qualtrics to send a feedback survey to the employee who filed the original ticket.

Setting Up a ServiceNow Event

  1. Using the navigation menu in the top left corner, select Workflows, or go to the Workflows tab of your survey.
    navigating to workflows in the global navigation and clicking create new workflow
  2. Click Create a workflow.
  3. Select Started by an event.
    choosing "started by an event" and then clicking get started
  4. Click Get started.
  5. Select the ServiceNow event.
    the servicenow event
  6. Choose the ServiceNow account to use. You may use any accounts you’ve previously connected to Qualtrics, as well as any accounts configured by your Brand Administrator in Extensions.
    selecting an account, or clicking add user account to add a new one
  7. To connect a new ServiceNow account, click Add user account.
    Qtip: After clicking Add user account, you will need to enter an account name, username, and password for your account. The account name is so you can easily identify the account in the future.
    adding a user account
  8. Click Next.
  9. Enter your ServiceNow instance.
    adding the servicenow instance and clicking continue

    Example: For example, if you login to ServiceNow at, then you will enter “abc123” in this box.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. Click Select Table and choose the table that contains the records you want to base the workflow on.
    selecting the ServiceNow table using the dropdown menu
  12. If desired, click Fields included from ServiceNow to review the fields available in your selected table.
    selecting fields to include and choosing the trigger type
  13. Choose whether you want the workflow to trigger when a record is updated, inserted, or both.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Continue to set up the conditions and the task for your workflow.
    Example: For example, I can use an XM Directory Task to send a follow-up survey when a record in ServiceNow is updated.

Conditions for ServiceNow Events

When using a ServiceNow Event to start your workflow, you can base your workflow conditions on the following:
adding a condition

  • Event Data: Base the condition on one of the fields included from ServiceNow. The available fields will depend on the table you selected during the event setup.
    Example: In this example, the workflow will trigger when the updated record has a job_count equal to 10.
    adding a condition on a servicenow event
  • User-Defined Field: This field is not used in conditions.