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Instilling Customer Confidence During Covid-19: Airline Industry Analysis

New research shows that travelers are willing to get back in the air, but most need some convincing. In partnership with a major U.S. airline, Qualtrics studied the customer experience and expectations of regular travelers, people who had taken at least one leisure flight in the 12 months before the COVID-19 outbreak.

They will need some reassurance to get back to air travel. By bolstering confidence for travelers hoping to fly in the near future and convincing those who aren’t sure but aren’t against it, airlines can help their customers back to the skies. Here’s how airlines can instill the confidence people need to get back in the air.

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In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • Where on the plane travelers are most concerned about exposure
  • Which policies airlines can tweak to put passengers at ease
  • How often customers want to receive communication about their trip (and how much is too much)
  • How many travelers are willing to pay more to fly the airlines with the best Covid-19 response

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