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How to spread XM in your government organization? Train your people!

From my first experience with human centered design - the foundation of experience management - I knew it had the potential to revolutionize how government accomplishes its mission. Design project after design project, agency by agency, I witnessed the power of experience design to uncover new ways of solving problems that had vexed government for years - sometimes decades. Most exciting of all was watching public service professionals - from senior executives to frontline employees - reconnect with the people they serve, unleash their creative problem solving abilities, and reignite their passion for the vital work of government.

Looking back from today’s level of government XM maturity - with agencies recruiting XM leaders to serve as Chief Experience Officers, legislators demanding accountability for the experiences government delivers, and technology investments focusing on end user experiences and not just business requirements - I know that the only way we’ve gotten here is by teaching people the methods of XM. Tools and standards are only as powerful as people’s ability to apply them effectively to produce tangible outcomes. Only through investments in the people who execute the work of government can better ways of doing this work stick for good.

That is why I am so excited that Qualtrics is launching a new version of XM Basecamp for FedRAMP users. XM Basecamp is the official training site of Qualtrics and provides users with over 100 expert-led courses of training content to learn Experience Management principles and methods, and to apply Qualtrics’ innovative tools to their XM challenges. FedRAMP users can now securely explore training videos, quizzes, hands on challenges, demos and live webinars. At no additional cost, Qualtrics is providing all of our government customers access to our comprehensive suite of learning experiences.

By encouraging their workforce to participate in XM Basecamp, Qualtrics customer organizations can accelerate the pace of change toward a fully matured XM culture. Agencies can give employees opportunities to build their XM muscles and generate new experiences for their customers. And public service professionals can develop new skills, unleash their creativity and enhance their careers.

Invest in yourself, and invest in your people. Join the XM movement today. See you at XM Basecamp!

Part of a FedRAMP environment? - Visit XM Basecamp for FedRAMP

Not part of a FedRAMP environment? - Visit XM Basecamp

Important note: XM Basecamp is hosted by a first-party application that is not FedRAMP certified. FedRAMP users are not able to access XM Basecamp until approved by their Qualtrics admin. To learn more about how to enable this for your FedRAMP Qualtrics users and other security questions please click here.

Train your people with XM Basecamp for FedRAMP

Sydney Heimbrock // PhD

Dr. Sydney Heimbrock works at the nexus of customer experience, human capital and process improvement to drive organizational transformation in government. Prior to joining Qualtrics, she helped Deloitte build Human Centered Design capabilities into its human capital and customer strategy offerings for Federal, state and local governments. As founding Executive Director of the Innovation Lab at OPM, she was an early leader in the Experience Management movement in government. She has served as the Federal government’s Chief Learning Officer, led government-wide Strategic Human Capital Management initiatives under the President’s Management Agenda, and helped developing countries build democratic institutions that provide social safety nets and fuel labor market growth. Her professional expertise includes measurement and evaluation, human centered design and design education, leading and managing creative teams, strategic foresight and workforce planning, continuous process improvement, strategic human capital management, leadership and workforce development, and public policy analysis.

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