Auto-Number Questions

Auto-Numbering Questions

Change the Question Numbers on all of the questions in your survey. The Question Numbers are the numbers next to each question preceded by a “Q.” These tags are used to identify your questions when you are reviewing your data in an external program such as SPSS or Excel.

To auto-number your questions, from the Advanced Options list on the gray navigation bar, click Auto-Number Questions.

The following options are available:

  • Sequential Numbering: The Question Numbers for all questions in your survey will be re-written in numerical order.
  • Block Numbering: Same as sequential numbering, except that the numbering starts over with each block.
  • Internal ID Numbering: Re-number your questions to match the internal ID that Qualtrics keeps for each question.

More Information

  • You can display the Question Numbers to participants as they are taking the survey. To do this, check the box for Show Question Numbers in your Survey Options. Note: These numbers do not reorder when you use logic to skip the respondent ahead in the survey.
  • Instead of having question numbers, consider using a Progress Bar (turned on in Look and Feel). Progress bars give participants a better idea of how far along they are in the survey.