Question Randomization

Question Randomization Overview

Sometimes you need to randomize the order of questions in a block. With Question Randomization, you can do more than that.

  • Display all the questions in a random order.
  • Display a set number of questions from a larger group.
  • Lock certain questions in a specific position.

Setting Up Question Randomization

In order to set up Question Randomization, all of the questions you’d like to have randomized need to appear in the same block of questions.

  1. Click Block Options on the question block in the top-right corner.
  2. Select Question Randomization.
  3. When the window appears, select the type of randomization you would like to use:
    • No Randomization: Does not randomize your questions.
    • Randomize the order of all questions: Randomly presents all of the questions in the block.
    • Present only (a subset) of the total questions: Allows you to specify the number of choices (out of the total) to have randomly displayed in the survey (2 of 4, 3 of 7, etc.).
    • Advanced Randomization: Allows for more randomization options. Move choices in or out of randomization options using the left/right arrow buttons, then be sure to click the Save button.
      • Fixed Display Order: Shows the fixed questions in the block and where the randomized subsets fall in the order of questions.
      • Randomize Choices: Randomizes the order of all questions moved into the Randomize Choices box.
      • Randomize Subset: Specify a number of questions to randomly choose and display (2 of 4, 3 of 7, etc.).
      • Undisplayed Items: Specify certain questions you don’t want displayed at all.
  4. You additionally have the ability to select the number of questions you’d like to have displayed on each page, overriding the page breaks in this block.
  5. Click the Close button once you’ve made your selection.

More Information

You can view the order in which your questions were displayed by selecting the Export Randomized View Order data option in Download Options in the View Results tab . The display order will appear in the last column of your data file and will be separated by a bar “|” if multiple questions were seen.