Welcome to Qualtrics! In the following tutorials, you will learn everything you need to get started creating, distributing, and analyzing results using the Qualtrics Research Suite.

As you are going through these tutorials, you will be directed to different tabs within the Research Suite. These tabs are located across the top of your screen and refer to the different areas of development for your survey. For example, there are tabs for creating surveys and for editing surveys. Some of these tabs may be grayed out or unavailable if you have not yet created your first survey, or if your account does not permit access to those areas.

Learning More About Your Account

In addition to the basic survey building areas, Qualtrics features the following other sections to help you manage and maintain your account. To learn more, consider these tutorials –

  • My Surveys – Learn how to organize your surveys.
  • Account Settings – Learn how to view and change your account settings.
  • Libraries – Learn how Qualtrics stores images, messages, and other content within your account.

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