Activate a Survey


Once your survey is built to perfection and ready to collect responses, you must activate it. Activating the survey allows you to begin collecting data from respondents.

This page will explain how and when to activate and deactivate your survey. You will also learn about editing an active survey, and what will happen to your responses when the survey is deactivated.

Activating a Survey

By default, any survey you create is inactive. This prevents respondents from taking the survey while it is still being built. You will not have access to the survey link or any other distribution method until you activate your survey. You can activate your survey at any point, and from a few different places, but we recommend waiting until you are ready to collect responses.

To activate your survey:

  • In the My Surveys tab, click the gray box next to the survey name. Once you activate the survey a green checkmark appears in the grey box.

    gray box
  • In the Distribute Survey tab, click Activate your survey to collect responses.

    Activate your survey to collect responses
  • In the Distribute Survey tab, click Activate Survey.

    Activate button
Qtip: Even if you activate and deactivate your survey multiple times, the Anonymous Survey Link will remain the same.

Editing an Active Survey

While you can edit a survey after activation, we recommend not making edits once you have begun collecting responses. If you need to edit an active survey, take a look at our Testing and Editing an Active Survey tutorial to learn which changes can be made without invalidating data.

Once a survey is activated and survey responses have been collected, it will be “locked”. The survey is locked as a reminder that your survey is active, and that editing the active survey could invalidate responses.

To unlock your survey:

  1. Click Unlock in the Edit Survey tab.

  2. In the pop-up box, click Unlock.


Once you have unlocked your survey, you can relock it at any time by clicking lock.


Deactivating a Survey

Deactivating your survey is a simple way to “turn it off” so that the survey no longer collects responses. As long as your survey is inactive, no one will be able to take the survey.

To deactivate a survey:

  • In the My Surveys tab, click the green checkmark next to the survey name. green checkmark
  • In the Distribute Survey tab, click Close Survey. close survey

When you deactivate, the following screen appears:

close box 2

Type “close” in the box and then click Deactivate Survey.

Qtip: When you deactivate a survey, any responses in progress will be closed and recorded. If you would like to allow in-progress respondents to finish the survey, clear the Close all active survey sessions checkbox. close active survey sessions

Setting a Survey Expiration Date

In addition to manually closing the survey, you can also set a survey expiration date. The survey does not officially “close” once the expiration date passes. Rather, new participants are prevented from starting the survey, but those currently taking it are allowed to finish. You can then go back and close the survey at your convenience, knowing that all participants started before the expiration date.

To set an expiration date:

  1. In the Edit Survey tab, open Survey Options.
  2. Select Survey Expiration, and enter a date and time.

To learn more about how the expiration date works, see the Survey Expiration tutorial.