About Survey Flow


The Survey Flow allows you to customize where participants go and what they see in your survey. It also gives you a quick overview of your survey and its subpages.

Participants will start at the top of the flow and work their way through until they reach an end point and finish the survey. This tutorial will teach you how to navigate and edit the Survey Flow.

To open the Survey Flow, click Survey Flow in the grey navigation bar of the Edit Survey tab.


In the Survey Flow, you will see a list of the Question Blocks, or groups of questions, in your survey. In basic surveys, you may see just one Question Block. For information on how to split your survey into multiple Question Blocks, refer to our Question Blocks tutorial.

Simple Survey Flow

This is a basic survey that contains just two Question Blocks.

The Survey Flow can be customized by adding new elements such as Branches (used to show certain Question Blocks only to those who meet conditions you specify) or Randomizers (used to randomly choose which Blocks each participant will see).


In this Survey Flow, a Branch is used to ensure only Females will see the Female Questions Block. It also screens participants out using a Branch and an End of Survey Element.

Adding Elements to the Survey Flow

Customizing your Survey Flow so every participant gets just the Question Blocks they need in the order they need is simple. To add an element such as a Branch to the Survey Flow,

  1. Click Add a New Element or Add Below.

  2. Choose the item you would like to add.

  3. When you are finished making edits, click Save Flow.

    Save Flow

Qtip: If you choose to add a block that is already in the Survey Flow and participants see it twice, the second time all of their answers will already be filled in. Qualtrics will save the responses from the last instance that the block was shown.

Moving Elements Within the Survey Flow

In the Survey Flow you can easily change the order in which participants will see Question Blocks. To do this,

  1. Hold down Move on the element you would like to move.

  2. Drag the element to the correct place inside the Survey Flow.

  3. When you are finished making edits, click Save Flow.

    Save Flow

Qtip: You can also move selected elements in the Survey Flow by pressing and .

Using the Survey Flow

Arranging question blocks is just the beginning! Here are some other ways you can utilize the Survey Flow:

  • Show the same block in multiple places by adding Question Blocks.
  • Show blocks and other elements conditionally by using Branches.
  • Include Embedded Data from a Panel with an Embedded Data element.
  • Randomly present blocks with a Randomizer.
  • Pull external information into the survey using a Web Service.
  • Verify respondents’ identities with the Authenticator.
  • Terminate respondents at various locations using an End of Survey element.
  • Allow respondents to self-navigate the blocks using a Table of Contents.