Anonymous Survey Link


The Anonymous Survey Link is a basic hyperlink used to take your survey. This link may be distributed by pasting it into an email or onto a website. Anyone who clicks on the link will be able to take the survey.

What are some characteristics of anonymous links?

  • No identifying information such as name or email address will be collected unless you specifically ask for it in the survey.
  • Qtip: By default, the anonymous survey link collects the user’s IP address. In most cases this is not considered identifying information, but if your IRB board or ethics committee requires that it not be collected, you can remove it using the instructions here.
  • By default, progress will be saved as participants take the survey so they can close the window and finish at a later date. If you do not want to this, or if you’d like to learn about any limitations involved, refer to our Save and Continue tutorial.
  • By default, there is no limit to how many times a participant can use this link. If you want to prevent multiple responses from the same participant, refer to our Prevent Ballot Box Stuffing tutorial.

The Anonymous Survey Link is the same for everyone accessing the survey. The link will not change even if your survey is deactivated and reactivated again.

To get your Anonymous Survey Link:

  1. Click Distribute Survey.

  2. Click Survey Link.

  3. If your survey is not yet activated, click Activate your survey to collect responses.

  4. Highlight the link that appears, and press Ctrl + C (PC) or + C (Mac) on your keyboard to copy the link.

  5. Paste the link into an email or onto a website.

You can customize your Anonymous Survey Link to display any text you want using the Customize Link option. This won’t change the actual link, but will change the text that appears when it is viewed on a website or in an email.

To customize your Anonymous Survey Links:

  1. In the Distribute Survey tab, and click the Survey Link icon.

  2. Click Custom Link.

  3. Next to Link Text, enter the text that you want to appear in the link.

  4. If you want to paste your link into an HTML editor (such as a website editor), copy the code next to HTML Link and paste it into your HTML editor.

  5. If you want to paste your link into an email or other non-HTML editor, copy the survey link, and paste it into your text editor.

Qtip: If your link will be printed on paper, you might consider using a link shortening service such as TinyURL,, or . You simply give the service your long survey link, and it will give you a short, easy-to-type link that will direct participants to your survey. Although Qualtrics is not affiliated with these services, many of our users have success using them.