Do you need to turn a survey into an exam for a class? Maybe you want to create a personality test?

The Scoring feature will help you to do it. This page will show you how.

Scoring a Survey

  1. On the gray navigation bar, click on the Advanced Options drop-down and select Scoring.
  2. You will see an overview of your survey showing all questions that are available for scoring – Multiple Choice, Matrix Table, and Text Entry.
  3. To give any choice a point value of 1, click on that choice.
  4. To give any choice a point value other than one, highlight the current point value and type a new one.
  5. To automatically score choices, click the gray Auto box on the left of any question that doesn’t have scores assigned.
  6. On a matrix table, to reverse the scoring for any row, click on the row Statement.
  7. To clear choice scores, click the gray Clear button on the left of any question that has scores assigned.
  8. To choose an acceptable answer for a Text Entry question, type in the box that says Enter Text Response For Grading, and on the left of the block, click the 0 to assign a point value.
  9. To add more acceptable answers for a text entry question, click the blue plus sign to the right of the text box.

Displaying the Score for Participants

  1. On the Scoring Toolbar, check the box for Show End of Survey Summary, to show the score at the end of the survey.
  2. On the Scoring Toolbar, check the box for Show Summary After Every Question, to show the score at the end of every page.
  3. You can also generate a Piped Text code to pipe the score into a question in the survey.

Setting Up Scoring Categories

By default, there is one scoring category. To use more than one score set in your survey, you will need to implement Scoring Categories. Qualtrics can be used for personality tests, employee feedback surveys, and other situations where your need to rate participants on different dimensions. For example, one survey might contain scores for work ethic, teamwork, and aptitude.

To create a scoring category:

  1. Click the green category box at the top of the scoring page.
  2. Select Manage Categories.
  3. Click New Category.
  4. Type a name for your category.
  5. To see how many questions in the survey are currently scored as part of that category, refer to the green item count to the right of the category name.
  6. To remove a category, hover over a category and click the Red Minus Sign to the right.

Choosing the Active Category

  1. Click the Green Category Box at the top of the scoring page, and select the appropriate category.
  2. Apply scoring to your survey questions. Any scoring you add will apply to the category you have specified in the Green Category Box.

More Information

  • When you have scoring turned on, your Qualtrics reports will include a Score field in your list of questions that displays the regular mean score and standard deviation, as well as the weighted mean and standard deviation. There will also be columns for each scoring category in the downloaded data.
  • Scoring outputs can be used in mathematical equations. For more information, visit the math operations page.