Exporting and Sharing

This page is about exporting and sharing Reports created in the View Reports section of the View Results tab. For information on exporting and sharing reports created in Reporting Beta, view About Reporting Beta.


Learn how to export, copy, share and collaborate on Reports you’ve created in the View Reports Section of the View Results tab.

View results tab

Exporting Reports

Download your report as a Word document, PowerPoint Presentation, Excel Spreadsheet, or PDF. To download your report, click one of the Export Report icons. Choose to export your report as a .docx, .ppt, .csv, or .pdf.


Copying Reports

Create a copy of your report that you can view and edit within Qualtrics.

To copy a Report:

  1. Click View Reports in the View Results tab.

    View results tab
  2. Click the Report Name of the report you want to copy.

    click report name
  3. Click Copy Report.

    copy report
  4. Specify the name of your new report.

    report name
  5. Click Save.

    Save copy report

Making Reports Public

Publish your report to the web and share it with a publicly accessible URL. This URL updates real time with your report, making it a great alternative to a PowerPoint presentation. You can also use custom CSS for the report layout, and protect your report with a password.

To make a report public:

  1. Click View Reports in the View Results tab.

    View results tab
  2. Click the Report Name of the report you want to publish to the web.

    click report name
  3. Click Public Report.

    public report
  4. Click Turn on Public Report.

    turn on public report
  5. Once your report is turned on, you will be able to access your report link. To view your public report, click this link, or copy and paste it into your browser.

    report link
  6. Optionally, customize the settings of your report:

    • Use Classic Skin: Use the Qualtrics class skin as the background for your report.
    • use classic skin
    • Custom CSS: Insert your own Style Sheet for the report.
    • custom CSS
    • Enable Password Protection: Specify a password that must be entered before the report can be viewed.
    password protection

Collaborating on a Report

To allow another user to view or edit your reports in their own Qualtrics account, you can use the Collaborate feature.

Attention: Collaborating with a user will give them access to all of your reports for that survey.

To Collaborate on a report:

  1. Navigate to the My Surveys tab.

    My Surveys tab
  2. Locate the survey you are working in, and click Collaborate.

  3. Enter the information of the user you want to collaborate with.

    locate user

    If the user is within your organization, enter their username or look them up in the organization directory. If the user is not within your organization or you can’t find them in the directory, enter their email address.

  4. Click Add.

    Add collaboration
  5. Select the checkbox under View Results.

    view results checkbox
  6. Click Details to specify which permissions you want the collaborator to have.

  7. Qtip: If you want the user you are collaborating with to be able to view the report but not edit it, select View Survey Results and deselect all the other checkboxes.
  8. Click Save.

    save collaboration
QTip: If you’re having trouble with the collaboration process, view our Collaboration Troubleshooting Guide.