Insert a Graph

About Inserting Graphs

Add a Graph to any question in your report to easily display and analyze your survey data.

Inserting Graphs

  1. Click Add Graph at the top-right of your question in the report.
  2. Hover your mouse over the graph to change the graph type and size.
  3. If needed, select Graph Options to further customize the graph.

Graph Options

  • Change Graph Type: Hover your mouse over the graph images to choose a vertical or horizontal bar graph, a pie chart, a line graph, an area chart, a radar chart or a speedometer graph.
  • Change Graph Size: Click and drag the gray triangle on the bottom right of the graph to make it larger or smaller.
  • Data Source: Choose whether the graph should reflect counts, percentages, or means.
  • Sort By: Sort your graph by either the order of the choices or by the number of responses for each choice.
  • Show Values: Toggle the values of each choice to be displayed or hidden on the graph.
  • Graph Renderer: Choose between the default image graph and the interactive flash version of the graph.
  • Decimals: Choose how many decimal points to be displayed in your graph data.
  • Show/Hide Columns:Toggle choices in your graph to be displayed or hidden.
  • Export Table: Save your graph to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF.
  • Remove Graph: Delete the graph from your report. Alternatively, hover your mouse over the graph and click the X on the top right.