Understanding Counts

Understanding Counts

Have you ever wondered how the counts in Qualtrics are calculated? What exactly is a complete response? When is a survey “started”?

Surveys Started and Completed

The number of surveys started and surveys completed aren’t always the same. This is how we differentiate.

Surveys Started: The surveys started number is the total number of responses that have been collected. This number includes responses that were submitted by the respondent and incomplete responses that were collected by the system after the Record Partially Completed Responses deadline had passed.

Surveys Completed The surveys completed number is the number of surveys submitted by respondents, meaning that the respondent was screened out of the survey or reached the final page and clicked the submit button. This number does not include anyone who did not submit a survey.


The following stats are available:

  • Survey Durations: Shows how long, in minutes, participants are spending in the survey. Also includes at the bottom of the page the Total Responses, the Duration Mean, and the Trimmed Mean (the mean response time after removing responses taking longer than 36,000 seconds).
  • Survey Start Times: Shows the hour of the day participants are starting the survey, set in the time zone you have selected in your Account Settings.
  • Survey Start Dates: Shows the day participants are starting the survey.
  • Question Response Rates: Shows the percentage of respondents that are completing each of the questions.
  • Survey Completion Percent: Shows what percentage of the survey respondents completed the entire survey.

More Information

  • Surveys started and surveys completed reflect only Recorded Responses–those that have been closed and submitted, whether they were completed fully by the participant or just partially completed. These numbers do not take into account any Responses In Progress.
  • If you have advanced Skip Logic, Branch Logic, or Display Logic, you may not have any respondents at 100% Survey Completion Percent. This percentage reflects how many questions are answered out of all the questions in the survey, whether they are seen or not.