Add JavaScript

Experts Area: While the JavaScript editor is provided as part of the Qualtrics interface, use of custom code in Qualtrics is not an official feature, and may require programming knowledge to implement.

JavaScript Basics: Learn the basics of JavaScript through a series of simple guided tutorials, free at

Adding Javascript

JavaScript is a programming language that enables you to accomplish more advanced functionality in your survey that would not otherwise be available. You can change the size of a question text box, add a timer to your survey, customize buttons and more.

Accessing the JavaScript Editor

  1. Select the question that you want to add JavaScript to.
  2. Click the Purple Gear Box to the left of the question.
  3. Click Add JavaScript.
  4. Place your JavaScript in the box, below the gold text that says /*Place Your JavaScript Below This Line*/. The opening and closing tags are already provided.
  5. Click Save. A JavaScript icon appears to the left of the question.
  6. To preview the changes you have made, click Preview Survey in your Edit Survey tab.
  7. To remove your JavaScript, open the editor, click Clear, and then click Save.