Recode Values

Recoding Values

Edit the Values and Labels assigned to your answer choices and statements.

When you create a question, a numeric value and variable label are assigned to each answer choice. These values and labels are reflected in the collected data when it is downloaded and will assist you in your statistical analysis.

To Recode Values and Change Variable Labels:

  1. Click the question that you want to edit.
  2. Click the Gear Box (Question Options list) to the left.
  3. Click Recode Values.
  4. A new box opens. Select Recode Values and/or Variable Naming.
  5. The values and labels will then appear next to the answer choices.
  6. Click the values, delete them, and then type in your new values. Do the same for the labels.

More Information

  • These values and labels can be changed during survey building or after you have collected your data. The change will be reflected in your report and raw data.
  • Matrix question type will show an additional blue field for Question Export Tags. This allows you to apply an export tag to each row statement of the Matrix question to distinguish the column titles for each statement in the downloaded data.

  • You can only recode the values for the following question types:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Matrix Table
    • Rank Order
    • Side-By-Side
    • Constant Sum
    • Graphic Slider
    • Gap Analysis
    • NPS