Response Sets Information

All of the functions that make Response Sets valuable using traditional Qualtrics Reporting (View Results tab) can now be achieved in the Reporting tab without using Response Sets.

For this reason, we recommend not using Response Sets for any new studies. Instead, we encourage all Qualtrics Research Suite users to switch to the new Reporting Beta for these features.

Response Sets are “buckets” into which data is collected. Normal data collection places all of your data into the “Default Response Set.” If you would like to create other response sets and split your completed data into groups, you can do so by creating multiple Response Sets.


You cannot analyze data from two separate response sets together in your account.

Response sets can differentiate your data by Time and by Mailing.

Differentiating Your Data By Time

When you activate a new response set, all future incoming data will be placed in that response set rather than the old one. This will give you data in two sets (for example, a pre-October 15th response set and a post-October 15th response set).

To create a new Response Set:

  1. Enter Survey Options.
  2. Navigate to the Response Sets at the bottom of Survey Options.
  3. Click on the Manage Response Sets button.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. To activate a Response Set and make it the one into which all data is placed from this point on, click on the gray box next to it in the Active column. This will make the response set active. Only one response set may be active at a time.

Differentiating Your Data By Mailing

Using the Qualtrics Mailer, you may specify the response set into which the data for a particular mailing will be placed.

To set up a Response Set for a specific mailing:

  1. When setting up your mailing in Email Survey, click on the Advanced Options link.
  2. In Advanced Options, check the Change The Target Response Set option.
  3. From the Response Sets drop-down, select the response set you would like to direct the data to from the mailing. You will need to create the response set in Survey Options before selecting it here.
  4. Save Advanced Options.

More Information

  • The active response set will collect all incoming data unless it is overridden by a response set assigned to a particular mailing. Data for such a mailing will always be saved.
  • Response Sets are used for longitudinal studies using the Time Series option under Report Options drop-down when viewing a report.
  • If you have data from two response sets that you would like to analyze together, you will have to import your data into a survey copy, or consider not using separate Response Sets.