Build a Panel

About Building Panels

The first step in using a panel is to build it. Qualtrics has a number of options for building a panel. You can:

  • Type panel information in Qualtrics.
  • Upload panelists from a CSV.
  • Pull from a previous mailing.

Creating a New Panel

  1. Go to the Panels tab and click Create New Panel.
  2. Give your panel a Panel Name.
  3. If desired, give your panel a Destination Category.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Choose how you would like to import panel members: Add Panel Members using a web-based form, Import From a File to upload a spreadsheet of members, or Import From a Survey to use previous survey responses to build your panel.

Manually Adding Panel Members

  1. Follow the steps for Create New Panel, and click to Add Panel Members .
  2. In the form that appears, fill in the Email, First Name, and Last Name for your panel members. Make sure that you don’t have white space before or after the inserted text.
  3. If needed, click the gray Plus Sign to add additional fields to your panel, including an External Data Reference, the participant’s Language, or any other Embedded Data field. Customize the names of your Embedded Data fields by clicking the field name.
  4. Click Save.

Importing Panel Members from a File

  1. Follow the steps for Create New Panel and click Import From a File.
  2. Create a spreadsheet in Excel or any other spreadsheet program. Download the Example Document to learn how to format the file. The file must contain one column with the header FirstName, one column with the header LastName, one column with the header Email and, if needed, additional columns for any other data (embedded data) you want to save in the panel. See More Information for information on importing the panel members’ Language codes.

    Warning: When you add embedded data to your panel, this extra information will be attached to the responses of your panelists. To see this embedded data in your reports, you must go into the Survey Flow of your survey and add in embedded data elements for the embedded data columns. Also, if you delete your panel after collecting responses, the embedded data will also be deleted and will no longer be attached to the responses from the panel.

  3. Build your file. Add panel members to your spreadsheet with one row for each panel member.
  4. In the File menu, click Save As.
  5. name your file, and set the File Type to CSV or Comma Separated Values.
  6. From the Import/Update screen, click Choose File.
  7. Select your file and click Open. The file must be closed on your computer for it to import successfully into Qualtrics.
  8. Review the Verify Fields preview of your panel to ensure that Qualtrics is recognizing it properly.
  9. If the fields are not showing up as a table in the Verify Fields preview, click Import Options and change the Delimiter and Enclosure until the Verify Fields preview displays properly.
  10. Click Import.

Importing Panel Members From Existing Survey Data

  1. Follow the steps for Create New Panel, and then click to Import From a Survey.
  2. Select whether you want to Update Recipients (if some of your survey participants are already in the panel) or Create New Recipients (if you are building a new panel or adding to an existing one).
  3. Select a survey you want to use for your panel information and select a Response Date Range if desired.
  4. If creating new participants, select the Question and Question Field that will represent the First Name, Last Name, and Email in the panel.
  5. If updating existing panel members, specify which fields the Question and Question Field should be saved as in the panel. Note: If you are updating panel members, you have to distribute the survey to the panel you want to update.

More Information

  • When adding panel members manually, copy and paste cells from a spreadsheet into the Qualtrics web form so that you don’t have to type all of the information manually. Make sure there are no spaces before or after the text you copy in.
  • Embedded Data is very useful when distributing to a panel. For more information about Embedded Data and how to use it in your panel and survey, visit the Embedded Data page.
  • When importing the Language for panel members, the survey tool looks for the language code in capital letters. English is EN, Spanish is ES, French is FR, etc. Here is a useful resource for determining language codes (reference the “ISO 639-1″ column at the far right).