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Searching Text Responses


The Text tab (located in the Data & Analysis module) is an amazing way to further your insights, especially with textual response data that may have been overlooked before. However, it can be tough to develop search terms that give you just what you’re looking for. To help, we’ve provided a few guidelines for developing effective search terms.

Building Complex Searches

Like a lot of keyword systems, Text can recognize complex logical strings built using a few simple commands.

Conjoins two words together. Rather than searching for just “slow,” it would be more useful to search for “slow and Internet” to ensure we get just the comments we want.
Searches for two words independently. Rather than searching for just “cost,” it might help to look for “cost or price,” as the words tend to be used interchangeably.
Searches for one word without the other. Rather than searching for just “food,” we might want to say “food not burger” to see comments about our food but not our hamburgers.
Allows you to group logic statements and ensure your query is specific enough for your purposes. Using a string like “ticket and (cost or sale or price) not (popcorn or drink)” allows us to define exactly what we want to tag—ticket sales information.

You can also find more examples in the Text tab by clicking the information button next to the search bar.