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Scheduled Report Emails


Scheduled Report Emails allow you to send a copy of your report to a list of specified email addresses on a recurring basis. For example, you may need to send a report with your customer satisfaction metrics to your manager every week. With Scheduled Report Emails, you can set up this email once, and it will continue to send automatically each week without any more work from you.

Scheduled Report Emails will send the most up-to-date data in each mailing. Your emailed reports will dynamically include new response data and any update you’ve made to the report itself. With each mailing, you will send the most recent and relevant data to the desired individuals.

Creating a Scheduled Report

  1. Navigate to the Reports module.image05
  2. Select the desired report.image08
  3. Click Report Options and select Schedule Report Email.image02
  4. Fill out all of the form fields in the email editor.image06
    Qtip: The Reply-To Email address must be an approved address for your organization. If you attempt to use an unauthorized email, you will not be able to save your scheduled email, and it will not send. If you encounter any issues with your Reply-To Email, please reach out to your organization’s Qualtrics Administrator.
  5. Select the file format for the report that will be attached to your scheduled email.image00
    Qtip: In addition to the file of your report, you could also include the link to the online version. Just copy the link from the Publish Report menu and paste it into the body of your email.
  6. Construct the email message that will accompany your attached report.image03
  7. Add additional Scheduled Report Emails if desired.image07
  8. Name your Scheduled Report Emails by clicking on the name and typing out a new one.image04
  9. Click Save when you are finished.image01
    Qtip: If you would like to test your scheduled report before actually saving it, you can click the Send Test Email button, located in the lower left corner. This allows you to send the report email to your own email address, where you can verify that it looks correct when viewed in an email inbox.