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Renaming Your Survey


Qualtrics projects have 3 names:

  • Project Name: The name that displays in Qualtrics
  • Survey Header: The name that can be displayed to respondents
  • Survey Title: The name that appears on the survey browser tab.

You can change or update each of these at any time.

Project Name

Your project name is used for identifying your overall project (survey, responses, results) within Qualtrics. This is the name you see when on the My Projects page and the name that appears at the top of the screen when you’re navigating through the different modules for your project.


This name does not display to respondents and is just for your internal organizational purposes. You have two ways to change this name, as described below.

Change the project name from the My Projects page

  1. Navigate to the My Projects page.image04
  2. Click the Project Options dropdown arrow.image17
  3. Select Rename Project.image10
  4. Edit the project name.image08
  5. Hit Enter or click out of the name field to save.image02

To edit the project name from the Survey module

  1. Navigate to the Survey module.image00
  2. Click on the project name above the survey editor.image15
  3. Edit the project name.image08
  4. Click outside the name field to save.image06

Survey Header

You can include a header at the top of every page of your survey, displaying content like a logo or a survey name. This can be accomplished through your Look & Feel menu.


Qtip: If you want a logo or survey name to appear only at the top of the first page in your survey, you can add a Descriptive question to the beginning of the survey and place your content there.

To add a survey header

  1. Navigate to the Survey module and open the Look & Feel menu.image04
  2. Click the Advanced tab.image13
  3. Enter your header content directly into the text box or click Edit to access Rich Content Editor.image12
  4. Click Save to finish.image11

Survey Title

The survey title is the text that displays on the browser tab found near the top of your browsing window. You can change this title in your Survey Options.


To edit the survey title

  1. Navigate to the Survey module and open your Survey Options.image14
  2. Enter a new Survey Title and click Save to finish.image03