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Brand Tracker Projects

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About Brand Tracker Projects

A Brand Tracker project allows you to conduct a comprehensive, ongoing assessment of the health of your brand compared with your key competitors. Brand Tracker projects function a little differently from other guided BrandXM projects; while they still come with pre-built, subject matter expert-approved material, what is provided varies.

Similar to other guided BrandXM projects, Brand Trackers:

  • Guide you through the setup process.
  • Contain survey questions developed by subject-matter-experts.
  • Have a ready-made report template that will populate with insights as you collect data.

The cool features that differentiate Brand Trackers from other BX offerings include:

  • Additional dashboard reporting.
  • Exclusive widgets not seen anywhere else on the XM platform.
Qtip: See the Designing a World-Class Brand Tracking Study course on XM Basecamp for a basic guide on brand tracker projects.
Qtip: See the Introduction to Brand Tracking in Qualtrics course on XM Basecamp for an end-to-end guide on using brand tracker projects.

Brand Tracker Types

There are two types of Brand Tracker project. Which one you use varies based on the brand research needs of your organization.

the create project screen with the projects in the "guided projects" section highlighted

  1. Brand Tracker – Subscription Services: More suited for gauging the efficacy of an online subscription service, as opposed to a physical product.
  2. Brand Tracker – CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods): More suited to consumer packaged goods, as opposed to services.

Differences in Funnel Levels and Conversion Metrics

The setup assistant in the Brand Tracker project creates the questions, Embedded Data fields, data mappings, custom metrics, and widgets for the default brand funnel levels.

  1. Online Subscription Services: Awareness => Consideration => Regular Use => Subscription
  2. Consumer Packaged Goods Brand Tracker: Awareness => Consideration => Regular Use
Attention: If changes are made to these questions or their fields, then the survey and dashboard will need to be updated manually.

Managing Brand Tracker Projects

Brand Tracker projects are not managed the same way other guided BrandXM projects are. For one, you cannot copy these projects. For another, you can collaborate on Brand Trackers, but this process is more similar to Conjoint and MaxDiffs than it is to standard Qualtrics surveys: this means you can only collaborate with users in your brand, and you cannot specify aspects of the project you don’t want to collaborate on.

Brand Tracker project as it appears in the projects page, with a purple B next to the Brand Tracker title

  • Rename Project: Rename the project.
  • Delete Project: Delete the project. Once a Brand Tracker is deleted, it cannot be retrieved, so be absolutely sure before you do this!
  • Collaborate: Invite someone from your organization to collaborate on this project with you. This includes survey edits, distributions, analyzing and reporting on data, and more. See Collaboration from the Product Experience support pages for more.
    Qtip: This collaboration format removes the need for project administrators.

Dashboards Tab

Qtip: See the Managing Brand Tracker Dashboards course on XM Basecamp for more information about using brand tracker dashboards.

In addition to the Reports tab, Brand Tracker projects have a Dashboards tab. Here, you can check out a pre-made dashboard developed by subject matter experts, or create your own!

Dashboards Tab of a Brand Tracker

BrandTracker Dashboard

You need to collect data before the pre-made dashboard will populate with data. Otherwise, the widgets will be empty when you edit the dashboard.

You can edit this dashboard just like any other – mapping new fields, adding new widgets, removing content, or even renaming the dashboard.

Warning: Do not delete this dashboard! If you do, it will be irretrievable!

Dashboard Editing

Editing brand dashboards works the same as editing CX dashboards. Check out these introductory pages to get started.

Unavailable Dashboard Features