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Participant Portal (360)

What's on This Page:

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About the Participant Portal

The Participant Portal is what a 360 participant sees when they log in. It’s where they go to complete their evaluations, as well as other tasks, such as nominations, approvals, and more.

Qtip: If you are a Brand Administrator or Employee Insights Admin, then the 360 project will need to be collaborated with you before you can access the Participant Portal.

When you click the link in the invitation, you’ll find yourself inside the 360 survey you were invited to, in a page that looks like this:

A list of tasks, including "invite evaluators," "evaluate yourself," etc. Most have green checkmarks. to the left is a circle filled in based on the percentage in the center to show the progress through all the 360 tasks

Qtip: Because every 360 project is different, your participant portal might not have all the tasks described on this page. That’s ok! Just complete what you have there.

Once inside your 360, you’ll notice a sidebar to the left.

Sidebar in the Participant Portal showing completion status of the evaluation

The percentage at the top displays how many tasks you’ve completed, and the information below shows what sections are incomplete.

  • Nominations: You either need to nominate people to evaluate you, nominate people to evaluate your direct reports, or approve your direct reports’ nominations.
  • Evaluations: You either need to complete evaluations of yourself and your colleagues, or you need to approve evaluations received by your direct reports.
  • Report: You either need to look at your report or approve your direct reports’ reports.

Click the links above to learn more about completing these tasks.

You can also click View Reports in the sidebar to view all reports available to you. If your report isn’t ready yet, it will say Report Unavailable.


Nomination details shown in Participant Portal

There can be two different sections under Nominations.

Set up nominations

Sometimes, you will be asked to nominate coworkers you want to evaluate you.

Process for nominating evaluators

  1. To nominate an evaluator, type their name or email to find them. Then define their relationship to you. Click Nominate Evaluator when finished.
  2. If your manager is responsible for approving your nominations, remind them by clicking Email Approval Request. This option will not appear for everyone.
  3. Review the Approval and Evaluation status of your nominations.
  4. Remove a nomination by clicking the dropdown arrow and selecting Remove. This will not delete the data, but it will remove it from your report, and your evaluator won’t be able to retake this assessment.

If you are a manager, you may also be asked to nominate evaluators for your direct reports. In that case, the process will look the same.

Approve nominations

If you are a manager, you may be asked to approve the people your direct reports nominated to evaluate them. These evaluators will not be able to evaluate your direct report until you approve. Any email notifications set up will also not go out until the manager has approved a nomination.

Approval technically takes place on the same screen where you’d set up your direct reports’ nominations, if you had that task.

Process for approving nominations

  1. Click Approve All to approve all nominations on the page.
  2. Click Deny All to deny all nominations on the page.
  3. Click the dropdown next to a particular nomination to approve or deny just that nomination. Waiting means you haven’t made a decision yet.


Status section for evaluations that have been and need to be completed

There can be two different sections under Evaluations.


Click on the person’s name to complete an evaluation of them. You evaluation screen will look something like this:

View when completing an evaluation

If you leave the page before you finish, you will be prompted to save.

Approve evaluations

This section only appears if you’re a manager and have been given permission to approve your direct reports’ evaluations. An evaluation will not be added to the data in your direct report’s report until you approve.

Managers approving completed evaluations

  1. Navigate between your direct reports.
  2. Navigate between your direct reports’ evaluators.
  3. Change the status of the evaluation to Approved or Denied.

You can also download a PDF of the evaluation you’re reviewing.

Retaking Evaluations

You can retake an evaluation you already completed by clicking its name, or by clicking the dropdown and selecting Edit Evaluation.

Inside a 360 on your portal, there's a list of evaluations


Status section for being able to view your subject report

There can be two different sections under Report.

View Report

Here, you can view any reports you have access to. For most people, this is just their own.

Managers view of viewing other individual's reports

  1. Change whose report you’re viewing.
  2. Determine if you are viewing the report as a subject or manager.
  3. Click the arrow to download your report. If you click the dropdown menu, you can also select Download All Reports to download all the reports you have access to. All downloads are in PDF format.
  4. Click the email icon to send a copy of the report to the email associated with your login.

Approve reports

If you are a manager, you may be asked to approve reports. Your direct report will not see their report until you approve it.

On this page, you can switch between subject and manager views, download, and email these reports just as you would your own, with a few differences.

Manager view of approving reports

  1. Navigate between direct reports.
  2. Deny the report release.
  3. Approve the report for release.

My Projects

Once inside 360, you can see a list of all 360 surveys you have been invited to complete by clicking My Projects in the upper-left.

Specific project-view page showing tasks and completion rate

My Projects page in the Participant Portal showing a list of projects

Enabling the Participant Portal in Multiple Languages

You can enable the Participant Portal to be available in multiple languages, allowing participants to view the portal in their native language. To enable your portal in additional languages, follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the Directories tab and select the Employee Directory.
    the directories tab. the employee directory is selected
  2. Click Tools.
    the employee directory. the tools menu is open and the manage user data fields is selected
  3. Select Manage User Data Fields. 
  4. Click Add Field.
    the manage user data fields screen. the add field button is highlighted
  5. Enter Language as the field’s name.
    image of the manage user data fields screen. a field name language has been added
  6. Click Edit Choices.
  7. Select the languages you’d like to be available.
    image of the list of available languages. click the checkbox next to a language to enable it.

Participants will automatically see the portal in the language specified by their Language metadata field, if it is available. Users will be able to switch between any available languages by clicking the globe icon at the top of the portal.
the participant portal. The globe icon for switching languages is in the top right hand corner