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Import Salesforce Report Data Task

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About the Import Salesforce Report Data Task

The Import Salesforce Report data task allows you to import data from a Salesforce report into Qualtrics. Once the data is imported into Qualtrics, use a data loader task to save the data in your desired area on the platform.

Example: One use-case for this task is to import a set of contacts made of recently closed support cases and save them to XM Directory. You can then distribute a follow-up survey to understand if their issue was resolved.

Setting Up an Import Salesforce Report Data Task

  1. Using the navigation menu in the top left, go to Workflows.
    navigating to workflows in the global navigation and creating a new workflwo
  2. Click Create a workflow.
  3. Determine whether the workflow should be Started by an event or Started at a specific time. For a comparison of these options, see scheduled workflows vs. event-based workflows.
    choosing the type of workflow and clicking get started
  4. Click Get started.
  5. If desired, rename your workflow.
    renaming the workflow, adding a schedule, and adding a task
  6. Determine when the workflow should run (if a scheduled workflow) or the event that triggers the workflow (if an event-based workflow).
  7. Click the plus sign ( + ) and select Task.
  8. Choose the Import Salesforce Report data task.
  9. Select the Salesforce account to import data from.

    Qtip: Any Salesforce accounts you’ve previously connected as well as accounts set up by Brand Administrators will be available here.
    Attention: You may have up to five external connections to your Salesforce account for this task. If you add more than five connections, the oldest connection will be disconnected.
  10. If you’d like to add a new Salesforce account, click Add user account.
    Qtip: After clicking Add user account, specify the account name and click Connect account. After clicking Connect account, login with your Salesforce credentials.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Click Choose report and select the Salesforce report you want to import data from. You can choose both public and private reports.
  13. Select a Primary field for the import.

    Consider the following when choosing a primary field:

    • If the primary field is empty for an entry in the report, then that entry will not be imported.
    • We recommend using “Email” or “Phone number” as the primary field if you plan on running a distribution with the imported data.
  14. Click Add field to import additional fields from the report.
  15. Use the dropdown menus to choose the fields to import.
  16. If needed, click the trash can icon next to a field to remove it.
  17. When finished, click Save.
  18. Click the plus sign ( + ) and select Task.
    clicking task after setting up the import salesforce report data task
  19. Choose the data loader task which determines where the data is saved in Qualtrics. Currently, you can only use the load data into XM Directory task. Visit the linked page for more information for setting up the task. When setting up this task, you will map values to the XM Directory Contacts object.